MobileHub focus clusters are retrofitting of smart technologies to major property assets, designing and managing the smart technology layers of new property developments, and then the introduction of smart technologies where they will fit in the specialized channels as described below and in localized context.  Funding of the introduction of these technology interventions, particularly in Sustainability- and Smart Energy Management context form part of our core activities and services portfolio.


MobileHub Smart Schools refer  to our programmes directed towards blank canvas – designs of full and bespoke smart technologies layers for a school, with interaction with    the school hinterland community, sponsors and funders.  Funding sourcing processes form an integral part  of our processes.  See more at www.smartschools.biz



The Smart Farms division of MobileHub takes our full bouquet of smart technologies and localizes it to a particular farm or farming community, according to precision-, monitoring- and logistical requirements. Individual and co-operative funding options form part of the MobileHub Smart Farms technology stack. See more at www.smartfarms.co.za


The MobileHub division focusing on IoT Services is comprised of proprietary applications and open source but tailored applications/ solutions. MobileHub IoT Services also acts as an incubator forthird party solutions in terms of marketing, managerial support, mentoring and funding application support. Detail at www.iotservices.co.za


The application of IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies in Logistics context, particularly in respect of transportation, assets and inventory, features across many MobileHub projects and processes. Both proprietary and OS solutions are offered, as well as 3 rd party products. Detail at www.iotlogistics.co.za