We utilize decades of experience and leadership exposures in construction, property development, technology and corporate management to help our clients get up to speed with the revolution that is the Smart Industries of Everything, so as to improve enterprise efficiencies, elevate service levels, and manage risks.  We implement measurable and benchmarked tools to show what savings, additional income streams and project or product tools can be unlocked through the use of these technologies.

Our Toolkit

  • A portfolio of best-of-breed technology houses and long-standing relationship with their C-level executives in the niche industries involved, enabling access to the latest available information on both technology items and their supporting business models.
  • Continuous and active engagement with platinum players in construction and property development, spread around the globe and which presents real-time and –life needs or opportunity expressions from C-level executives who find themselves at the coal-face of major property developments of leisure resorts, retail shopping and entertainment precincts, infrastructure and entire Smart Villages or Cities. The technologies we introduce comes ready-for-use in these environments and in an interfaced format, so presented in a consolidated management dashboard that is configurable for viewing, and executive use for a number of project functionaries.
  • A most comprehensive Internet of Everything technology stack sourced from the best-of-breed suppliers from around the globe, the supporting business models and case studies, and access to a variety of academic institutions used for research and benchmarking of standards.
  • A Human Centric Solutions layer that employs cutting-edge biometrics, security protocols, corporate compliance and governance, data centre and data-basis interoperability with external resources, and other capacities to ensure optimum staff management, Customer Relationship Management, Client Service Management, security and privacy management, etc.
  • A management control dashboard developing capacity to configure scenario- or project based bespoke interfaces for use by different project- or enterprise functionaries.  A management information hub or portal with business rules set to determine levels of access, authority of command, reporting intervals, calls to action triggers and automated commands, and other bespoke items.
  • A completely integrated and jurisdiction-agnostic e- and m-commerce environment for use for procurement, billing and invoice presentation, settlement and remittances, etc.
  • All technology components are configured to make optimum use of all available connectivity options, mobility and convergence of devices (PC, Tablet, mobile, wearable’s, and enabled Machine -2- Machine  interfaces).