We bring our clients into the age of interoperable smart technologies that are field-proven and cost-effective, that are Standards-based and open for development to integrate with other or future technologies and industry protocols.  We help them to navigate the maze presented and costly errors caused by the current clutter of new technologies and legacy systems, alike and guide and facilitate their installation and management of technologies to bring existing developments (Retrofitting) and new ones to future-proof status.

 The services rendered by MobileHub, our methodology or project engagement can be outlined as follows:

  • We typically engage with the heads of a project team to establish the essential common-ground items in respect of the technology landscape that is pertinent to the project, to crystalize the objectives that are to be attained, and to plot how to future-proof their technology environments.
  • We then proceed to do an audit or assessment pertinent to the technologies and knowledgebase incumbent on the particular project, report on crisis items and move on to a concept design of a technology overlay to meet the objectives set in the first phase.
  • The third phase sees MobileHub facilitating the introduction of the filtered and best-of-breed technology suppliers to the project heads or generating the different Request for Proposal - formats for the applicable components.
  • Once the above processes have been completed, it mostly makes perfect sense for the parties to proceed to the MobileHub main offering, which is the assembly and management of an online management platform that integrates all relevant technology functions – energy, communications, audio-visual, billing, compliance and security, asset tracking, equipment monitoring, all forms of automation, human resources management and more, which is then configured for different management functions and in desktop and mobile application format.


MobileHub capacities in project context is virtually limitless due to the our networks in the gamut of industries and specializations involved in our channels of projects. We like to refer to these individuals and enterprises as our Task Team Community, and they include top international professionals in all of the above disciplines and related technology silos.

And specifically in respect of these technology silos and their convergence processes: